So what's in your bag?

Here at ILS Travel Stores we particularly enjoyed a recent feature in The Guardian which invited humanitarians to share what they packed when heading off on a work assignment.

See it here: 

Guardian Witness: Humanitarian workers- show us what you are packing

It was a fascinating insight into what different people prioritise when travelling to often challenging places. The variety was stark; from those with a very minimalist approach, to those who managed to cram a remarkable amount of luggage into their bags. However, it was really interesting to see that in addition to the travel essentials, there were also travel accessories included that brought a sense of comfort. Here at ILS we have always recognised the need to take care of psychological wellbeing as well as physical wellbeing when working under difficult circumstances and this was very much reflected!

We hope that the range of travel accessories and equipment we are offering through ILS Travel Stores helps not only make your travels safer, but also more comfortable. However, if you know of a great piece of travel kit that we currently don't stock we'd love to hear from you!

Safe travels!

The ILS Travel Stores Team

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