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Festival Fever

So its that time of year again...

...the festival season is upon us! Many of you over the coming months will no doubt be packing your tents and keeping your fingers crossed that the sun shines as you watch your favourite bands do their thing. However, as we all know, it sometimes does rain on the parade! So although many of you may revel in the idea of rolling around in the mud, for those of you who would like to keep things a little more civilised we have some brilliant bits of kit:

Pits and Bits: if you don't want to brave the queue for the shower then Pits and Bits can keep you smelling fresh without the need for water. Comes as both a body wash and a shampoo. Simply apply, lather it up and rub off with a towel- simple and effective! Kept me smelling great at Glastonbury! Check out the range here

Make-a-pillow: hauling your kit from the car to the campsite can test even the best logisticians! For those of you who need a soft place to lay your head the Eagle Creek Make-a-pillow is a great option as it folds up into a small little bag. When you need it simply take it out and  stuff it with clothes to create a comfy travel pillow. 

Earplugs: need I say more...?

Eagle Creek Shoe Sac: great for keeping your muddy flip-flops separate to your clothes

Switch 8 solar recharging kit: I was amazed by the queues for the mobile recharging and power bar exchange. With this handy bit of kit you can keep the power bar charged up using the portable solar panel so your phone never runs out of juice. 

Of course there are loads of other bits and pieces here at ILS Travel Stores that can come in handy: hand gel, duct tape, money belts/bra stash, karabiners, head torches, water bottles and even glow sticks! If you have got a top item of festival kit we'd love to hear from you!

Enjoy the summer!

Cheers S Maudling for the picture!

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