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Bugs and Bowels

So we hear a lot these days about "friendly bacteria". However, most of us who travel have had plenty of experience of the unfriendly sort! You know, the ones that cause that deep, rumbling sense of urgency, have you leaping out of bed in the middle of the night, rapidly exiting meetings, even finding a tree to hide behind in extreme circumstance (!) as last night's local delicacy comes hurtling through your system, ready to make a rapid exit.

Having a safe source of drinking water is essential when travelling; not only to decrease the incidents of upset stomachs, but also to keep hydrated if you are suffering from the dreaded diarrhoea! Water should be boiled, bottled, disinfected, or filtered. Boiling water on the go is not always a very practical option. Bottled water is more often than not easy to come by, however you should always check the seal- if it is not intact don't take any chances! Drinking bottled water also has the unfortunate consequence of generating large amounts of plastic waste.

Here at ILS Travel Stores we do offer a number of alternatives: We have chlorine dioxide tablets, which allow you to disinfect your water, or we stock personal, portable water filters. The advantage of these water filters is that no matter what water source you have available to you, from hotel taps, to streams and rivers or even muddy puddles, you will always have access to safe, tasty, drinking water. No more spending money on bottled water, and even better, no more generating large amounts of plastic waste when you are chugging through litres a day keeping hydrated in the hot sun!

All in all we reckon they are a pretty good option!

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