Aquapure Traveller Personal Water Purifier

Pure Hydration

Get great tasting, safe drinking water wherever you are! Plus decrease your reliance on bottled water, reducing the amount of plastic waste you generate!

The Aquapure Traveller is an easy to use, personal water purification system. It will purify an average of 350L of water during its lifetime, producing clean, safe drinking water from hotel and restaurant taps, standpipes, streams or rivers. It comes with a squeezable bottle. You can drink directly from the bottle, or squeeze your drinking water into a cup.

The unique purifier incorporates M.A.D. (Mechanically Advanced Disinfection) technology that eliminates bacteria, viruses, larger pathogens, chemicals, heavy metals, dirt and odour. 

 And it is officially endorsed by the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, London.

ILS Travel Stores consider the Aquapure Traveller an essential piece of travel gear! 

We love this product because - it is the most reliable personal water purification system on the market. It guarantees clean water on the go from any source and costs a fraction of the cost of a bottle of water, without the ecological impact of empty bottles. 


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