Pits and Bits

Pits & Bits

Pits and Bits is a range of dry wash products. Water free washing on the go!

This great range of dry wash products includes liquid soap, shampoo & accessories that do not require water or rinsing; simply towel off! To use apply the liquid directly to your body, massage to lift dirt and odours, then remove by thoroughly towel drying. No parabens or alcohol make Pits and Bits very kind to the skin & ideal for long term use. Easily removes dirt, sweat and even blood!

Pits & Bits Shampoo (65ml)

Wets your hair like a traditional shampoo and cleans without leaving any sticky streaks or residues. This mild non irritating formula leaves your hair fresh and clean with a lovely apple fragrance.

Pits & Bits Body Wash (65ml) 

Effectively cleans and moisturises the skin, leaving you odour free and clean without water. 

Pits & Bits Expanding Wipes

The compressed cloths expand and unravel with the addition of moisture! Just add our towel to body wash to make a soapy cloth. Can also be used with water to wash up or clean equipment. Available in a 4pk or 9pk

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