About Us

Welcome to ILS Travel Stores! Having spent many years travelling and working around the globe, and many years training others to travel and work safely in difficult environments, the team at ILS decided to use its knowledge and experience in travel security to create a one stop shop for the best bits of travel gear that we've found throughout the years. Whether you are going for a one week holiday or taking up a long term assignment overseas, we have the kit that you won't want to leave home without!

We are also very proud of our "Give back" model!

International Location Safety was initially founded to meet the needs of the international development and humanitarian relief sector. Having worked within the sector, the founding partners share these values and felt it important to recognise that when travelling to some of the more remote parts of the world we are lucky enough to be able to protect ourselves- those living there often cannot afford to do the same. From this our "Give Back" system was created. Each purchase you make will help others to protect themselves too.

  • If you buy bite protection products, you will be helping to protect others from malaria
  • Buy water purifiers and hygiene products, and you will be helping to provide clean water and improved sanitation 
  • Buying First aid kits and health products will mean improved access to vaccinations and health facilities for others
  • And for all other items purchased, such as travel security equipment, you will help keep others safe through de-mining activities

We think it is the right thing to do- we hope you do too!

We hope that you find what you are looking for, but if there is an invaluable piece of travel gear that we are currently not stocking then please let us know- we'd love to hear from you! We are always on the look out for new and innovative equipment.

shop@locationsafety.com or +44(0)1273 833070

If you want to know more about our security risk management and training visit www.locationsafety.com


*we are extremely grateful to those who have allowed us to use their imagery on this website. 
Image 1 - George Shaw - Lamu, Kenya  Image 2 - Blair Addison - Phi-Phi - Thailand Image 3 - Marc Veraat - Omo Valley - Ethiopia (Creative Commons)  Image 4 - Mark Fischer - Shan State, Myanmar (Creative Commons)  Image 5 - Grand Parc - Bordeaux - Jemma el-Fna Market, Marrackech. by Grand Parc - Bordeaux (Creative Commons)  Image 6 - Reurinkjan - Tibet (Creative Commons)