aLokSak Waterproof Travel Bag


Keep your travel gear clean and dry with the most durable zip-lok travel bag on the market. 

aLOKSAK® are resealable water and air tight travel bags made from tough, durable polyethylene blended film. They protect against water, dust, sand and humidity and are reusable and recyclable. Keep mobile devices, papers and other equipment safe and dry. Touch screens remain fully functioning and operable. Scuba Schools International approved waterproof up to 200 feet!

 Available in following options:

  • Set of 3 bags 5" x 4" (13 x 10cm) 
  • Set of 3 bags 12" x 12" (30 x 30cm) 
  • Small multipack contains 4 bags, 1 of each size - 5"x4", 4"x7", 6"x6", 9"x6"
  • Medium multipack contains 4 bags, 1 of each size - 4"x7", 6"x6", 9"x6", 12"x12"  

We love this item of travel gear because - simply, its the best travel bag of its type on the market - nothing else will keep your essentials clean and dry like these do. They are likely to become one of your "Don't leave home without..." items of travel gear!