Like a bungee - but WAY better!

Made of the strongest, most durable natural rubber these bungee alternatives have more applications than we can even begin to list here, and they won't tear or deteriorate.  

The sport 16 (single pack) is a flat elastic strap cord with a coated steel hook on each end - safer, stretchier (up to 50%), stronger and way more robust than your old bungee.  

The adjustable pack strap (twin pack) is a flat, elasticised strap, looped at each end and joined by a central buckle. The straps secure kit up to 60lb (27kg) in all weather conditions and extends from 12" - 42" (300 - 1060mm) - giving versatile, robust and safe strapping solutions. Simply attach, tighten and go!

£2.50 £10.00